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And in this corner....

Earlier this year, the city came by and removed a tree from the north side of my driveway. It was sad to see the big tree go, but at least it made things a little brighter in that part of the yard.

The bad news is that the newly brightened area proved to be a lovely breeding ground for Creeping Charlie; my old nemesis. Well, I went looking for something that I could plant over in that area and was specifically looking for something that bloomed fairly early, since most of my perennials are just starting their blooming here in July. I found not only an answer to my early-blooming need, but perhaps a challenger for dominance in the plant arena!

This fall, I'll be looking to stock up on Canada Anemone (Anemone canadensis) to plant there north of the driveway. Said to "spread aggressively by rhizomes" (one of those), I'm hoping that it will be able to compete against the foul Charlie. It has much lovelier leaves than Charlie's clumpy lobes and puts out very pretty white flowers besides.

I'll look forward to finding out if it's reputation is as deserving as it sounds!
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