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Wait....what day is this?

It being the early hours of Friday, this is my Thursday. (I label days based on the calendar day on which I started work. Since I start work at 10:00 p.m., this makes for some interesting time-shifting.)

Usually this would mean that I'd be spending time working (or avoiding so) on jobs due anywhere from Friday morning to Friday afternoon. Well, it's looking like folks are taking off early for the U.S. holiday weekend. I've worked tonight on jobs due on Saturday morning and Tuesday morning.

This makes it feel like my Friday, when there's usually work due at those times to take care of. It also makes me wonder what I'll be doing when I come in to work tomorrow if I'm already considering going home early.

I have four hours left on my shift. A job of about 150 pages is about to go on the board. It's due Friday afternoon, oddly enough. I imagine it'll take us about 30 minutes to pound through those pages with the people that are left here. That'll still leave 3.5 hours to my shift.
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