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A lovely day

Despite the rather dreary weather yesterday, I had a lovely time with anney, driving around the Cities in preparation for the upcoming visit of her beau. She wanted to get a bit of familiarity with the city so she could properly show off the area as a whole rather than rely solely on her knowledge of her own stomping grounds. It ended up being mostly a trip of reminders as the things I find cool about "my" city are things she's either been to before in the past or heard of. So, having driven by (it being a good day for staying the car) several of the sites and having had a few hours of chatting, we dropped by my place where she got to meet erickavan (whom she pronounced "sunny," a very apt description) my pets, and the visiting dogs and have the brief tour of the gardens. Then it was back out to the MoA to drop her off so she could meet her sister.
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