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Inauspicious beginnings

A very bad start to the work night.

The first job I was given, I was just supposed to send. It was HTML only so I validated the files (to make sure the HTML met the SEC's requirements) and then, noticing the job ticket said to send the changed pages only, I pulled the pages out of the job jacket to see which pages had been edited. The pages I pulled out had typeset output. I checked the ticket again. Yep, HTML Only. Not Typeset. The typesetter didn't notice this. Neither did the two proofreaders. So I printed out the HTML pages so they could be read, in case any of the edits modified the HTML in ways they weren't supposed to.

Then I received a job that was waiting for typesetting. Before a job is typeset, we run two processes on it called Jumpstart and Toolbox. These do some basic coding for the job, making it quicker to get the job up and running. I started looking at this and noticed that, hey, this job hadn't been Toolboxed. Not that I mind toolboxing it, it's just that toolboxing is typically done before I get my hands on it. So I toolboxed it and broke up for the board, noticing as I did so that its Jumpstart process had yielded some rather odd things in the tables. Like, the columnar data wasn't separated into columns. So it took some extra work. Yuck.

Then I get another job to break up. This one has been toolboxed. I start going through the file, separating it into smaller chunks in order for my co-workers and I can all work on it simultaneously. I don't get far when I notice that the data in the file I'm working on doesn't match the hard copy I'm looking at. I start looking for specific heads in the document or for specific entries in numerical tables. No luck. Nothing matches for over 20 pages. I give up and give it back to the expediter saying that it has grievous problems. It was then given to fredcritter and he pronounced it so far gone that he was just going to start over. Good thing, as he does several little things in the Jumpstart and Toolbox processes that make typesetting just a tad easier.

Now I'm given a different HTML-only job. This one is a batch of huge files that have been converted to HTML from Word using one of our tools. Not a bad tool for this sort of thing, but in this case the files created from Word were too big to copy over to our legacy system; they got hung up in the transfer. So someone broke them into chunks small enough to move over. Unfortunately, this meant that the links within the documents were broken as well. So that had to be fixed. Once each file is fixed, it needs to be parsed and validated (again to make sure the HTML matches what the SEC allows). So now I get to sit in front of my machine, staring blankly into space as these files parse.

Something wacky in the planetary alignments tonight.

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