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Rough starts, warming trend

For the second night in the row, the starting pitcher for the Twins left in the first inning due to an injury. In tonight's game, it was the staff ace who re-injured his groin in his first game back from the disabled list. At least in this outing, the Twins were able to pull out another come-from-behind victory.

I got out on my new bike earlier in the afternoon. Rode into Dinkytown to the bike shop where I bought it to check out an odd noise from the front tire. The front fender was rubbing just a little; I probably knocked it out of whack taking the bike home in my trunk yesterday. Also took a side trip on the way back home to check out access to the road to work. I'll be tooling along Energy Park Drive, a road that is basically just access to a light industrial area, on my way to work. Fewer stoplights and hills than other routes so it should be a fairly easy commute once I'm up to it.

Learned a new process at work today and moved further into the process of learning all I need to know to get myself out of this grunt work. Still need to have that talk with my boss about career path but in the meantime, I'm making good impressions all 'round and learning all I can about how things work.

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