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Nap attack!

I missed work last night and that means that I'm working tonight to make it up.

It started with our friends David and Judity stopped by for a surprise visit. This was at about the start of the second inning of the Twins game on the TiVo, which meant that it was getting to be time for me to have my traditional Twins-game nap. Well, spontaneous entertaining rules out naps, so that threw things out of whack a bit for me.

Then Ericka's blood sugar dropped to 60-something. (For those of you playing at home, 100 is what we shoot for, 40 is getting dangerous.) So she had some juice. And then some chocolate cake. Checked again and it was up two whole points. I called my work and let them know I would be late, and possibly not in at all if we couldn't stop this slide. Ericka got some yogurt and some graham crackers. Up to 70-something. Two little cheesecake snacks and it was finally up to 99. I watched a bit more Twins game while we waited to see if it would stay there. Fifteen minutes later it was looking pretty good. We gave it another 15 to be sure and then I was ready to begin my going-to-work prep.

Dog got outside. Ericka got her bedtime medications. I got changed into work clothes. All during this, I couldn't stop yawning. The closer I got to actually going in, the tireder I got. I eventually just bailed on work and crashed. Slept through until 6:00 a.m. and then got in some naps during the day. So, all better tonight, but kinda weirded out that my sleep was disturbed like that. I mean, sure, narcolepsy, but I haven't had a time where the sleep snuck up and grabbed me like that (at least not that I can remember).

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