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Bunny rescue - Peter Hentges

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June 10th, 2005

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05:43 pm - Bunny rescue
This afternoon, Ericka's helper was taking the trash out and let Brandy, our dog, out to cavort in the yard a bit. Brandy headed around the garage and when Ericka's helper went to find her, she discovered Brandy had found a new toy: an injured rabbit. Brandy treated the rabbit just as she does her squeaky toys, she bit it a bit and tossed it before Ericka's helper could get her away from it.

The rabbit was still alive when I checked on it, so I called the Humane Society and they put me in touch with Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. The Humane Society lets WRR use an exam room at their facility. So I bundled the poor little bunny in a towel, put it in a box and zipped it out to the Humane Society. The very nice folks there took it into their custody, were going to give a look over by a vet and then get it out to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. The woman who took the bunny squeezed its back paws in the box, that seeming to be test for nerve damage and it was able to kick at least one leg. I have high hopes for its eventual recovery.

Poor little bunny.
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Date:June 10th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC)
well... I know a few rabbit stories, though most of them don't have such good endings... good for you, though, for doing such a caring act for a... cute rodent...

Back when Willow was a bouncy young spaniel I saw her take off after a fat adult rabbit one afternoon in the Toad Hall backyard. The rabbit was slightly faster, but trapped inside the chainlink. It launched itself head-first at the fence, with Willow a couple rabbit-lengths behind. The bunny paused for a second, stuck in the fence, exhaled and made itself real skinny, then popped through the little diamond hole in the wire. Hard to believe, it was a good-size bunny. Stopped Willow cold - she was a runner, not a jumper.

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