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RIP Peder Wagtskjold

An old friend that I hadn't seen in a while passed away earlier this week. I got the news while I was at work last night and I can't say I was too surprised. I'd heard he'd gone into the hospital on Monday with liver and renal failure and, given his alcoholism, that didn't surprise me much either. I'm saddened a bit by his passing, to be sure, but I don't take these things are hard as others do.

Peder and I first became friends at Minicon. For a while before we actually met, people would mistake us for each other. We both wore glasses, had beards, had long blondish hair and were of the general Scandinavian descent. We also liked many of the same things, whiskey among them.

Ericka officiated at the wedding of Peder and his lovely wife Kate. After that, we were friendly as couples, which was fun and Peder and I often had little jaunts out to a restaurant or brew-pub or the like. Kate and Peder's is the only one of the marriages that Ericka has performed that has not lasted. That was due largely to Kate's unwillingness to deal with Peder as an alcoholic, for which I can only admire her strength. I know that Peder tried a variety of antidepressants but could not stop drinking while on them and eventually chose liquor over pharmaceuticals to ease his pain. I will not debate his decision, but I will miss him.

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