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Stormy nights, wet puppy mornings

A big storm with much thunder rolled into the Twin Cities last night about 4:00 a.m. Ericka called, reporting the naturally distressed state of our poor, aged dog, Brandy. She's been having difficulty with one of her hips for a while and had gotten herself stuck in the bedroom at one point and behind the rocker in Ericka's room at another. This distressed Ericka, naturally and so I, being the kind, thoughtful kind of partner I am, finished what I was doing at work quickly and then took off early to come home and deal with the dog's histrionics.

Good thing too, as the storm picked up a bit just as I was coming home. Both the dog and Ericka (who is now sleeping peacefully) were glad to see me. The cat seemed confused, but happy to demand food and pets.

This morning, as the rain continued, our friend Dava brought her dogs over for their weekly visit. She usually doesn't bring them over when it's raining (not that we mind, but it's more work for her) but the storm knocked out their power. So having the dogs here means one less thing to impede any possible electrical repair that might have to happen at their place.

I took a brief tour around the yard this morning with Brandy while the other two dogs were on the leads in the back. It was raining lightly by then and so now I have a house full of wet dogs.

The cupplants are doing their catch and store water thing. I haven't seen birds using the little basins the plants provide, but there are ample supplies of fresh water for them about, I suppose. The prairie is looking lush, with the grasses just starting to come into their growth while the flowers that will be blooming later this summer starting to bush out. The bergamot, especially, is looking quite healthy, as is my little leadplant. Brandy and I flushed a rabbit out of the front prairie yesterday morning, so it is fulfilling one of its purposes in providing cover for the local wildlife.

I've decided that I need to move the lupine that are on my south prairie. I'm thinking that the cedar shrubs that are a relic from the previous landscaping and they do not get along, because they start out OK in the spring, but end up looking all withered and tired by about this time of year. The one is still trying to flower, so I'll take that as a sign that they are hanging in there, but they'll be happier later.

Meanwhile, the hostas on the north side of my garage are having a field day! They are getting so big and lush that I'm thinking it might be time to thin them out a bit and spread some of the hosta goodness to other parts of the yard.

I'm inexplicably chatty this morning, in a up mood despite some sad news that I'll report on later. The Twins won the opener of their series in Arizona in a National League slug-fest, coming out on top 9-8. Plus, happy dogs make me happy. And doing nice things for people makes me happy. So I've got a lot of happy going on for me just now. I think I'll savor it a bit.

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