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Morning garden meanderings

I'm slowly getting back into the habit of wandering around my gardens in the morning when I get home from work. As I haven't been as strict in this practice as I was last year, the weeds in some areas have a firm grip and will take some serious work to drive out. I pull a few here and there, concentrating on keeping the quack grass and clover at bay and pulling up the larger volunteer weeds that appear they would impact the surrounding planted weeds.

Since I get to this about every other day, it's remarkable to see some of the transformations. The irises below my front windows are HUGE! They stand nearly four feet tall and are putting out these enormous blossoms just now. I swear my cupplants grow every time I turn around and they are also nearly four feet tall and getting very bushy. Today's big surprise was that the lupine that has become one of the favorites on the local bunny buffet is getting ready to flower! It still doesn't look entirely happy with its environs, but I admire its pluck and determination to propagate.

In one corner of the front of my house, a creeping sedum is battling with our old enemy Creeping Charlie to be the dominant ground cover. The sedum is thicker but grows more slowly. Charlie is irascible, persistent and just plain hard to kill. In the sedum's favor: I'm on its side.

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