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Sleepless days, pedalling afternoons

For about the third day in a row I awoke from my sleep at about noon. Now for a day-shifter that likely wouldn't pose a problem, but for me it means getting only about four hours of sleep these last few days. Haven't been able to nail down the whys around this disturbing trend but I am looking around. My current thoughts are revolving around food. This evening I made a nice rice dish with sun-dried tomatoes for Ericka's dinner and had some myself. Settled in after in front of the Tivoed Twins game and fell asleep by the third inning. (And it was a good game! I'll have to go looking later to see how it ended up as the game lasted longer than the three hours allocated for it on the Tivo.)

I've noticed before this trend of falling asleep while digesting a meal, particularly one high in carbohydrates. Going from how I'm feeling I'm guessing I'm missing out on something nutritionally and my body goes into digestive overdrive to suck it out of certain foods. On the one hand, I'd like to correct this imbalance and make sure I'm getting proper nutrition. (But that's been something I've been working on for a while.) On the other tentacle, at least I've got a strategy for getting in some sleep if the trend continues.

Early in the afternoon I told Ericka I was going to curl up with one of the dogs (Darwin and Lucy, dogs of friends of ours visit on Wednesdays to socialize with Brandy) and try to nap. When, after and hour I'd dozed for maybe 10 minutes I went to plan B and bought a bike.

Not that this was meant to help me sleep. (Though some regular exercise can't hurt either.)

The bike I wanted was a Novara Safari from REI. Unfortunately, this bike must be pretty popular as it was sold out in my size and wouldn't be in stock until August. Far to long away to get a start on regularly biking to work. So on recommendation of my friends Bruce and Karen, I stopped in the local Erik's Bike Shop. The staff was friendly and had some recommendations. I first tested a mountain bike but quickly concluded that the knobby tires were more workout than I was looking for. When I returned to the shop, the sales guy had pulled out a hybrid. This looked more like what I wanted. Slightly beefier frame, good anchor points for front and rear racks, handlebars with some uplift for a more upright riding position, good suspension on the front fork and the seat post. I was no more than a block into the test ride when I knew this was it.

So a check off the home equity credit line and I'm now the proud owner of a new Cannondale bike. (I'd link to the model but Erik's web site is down for "major improvements" at the moment. I picked up a rack for the receiver hitch on my Saturn and need to look into some additional accessories (like clothing and panniers), but that can wait for a bit. Next thing is to check on the Kryptonite lock I had years ago and see if I, a) still have it and its key, and b) it still works. Next is getting the bike licensed by the city. With those things in place I'll be set to ride to work. (Already have a helmet and lights, so I have the major safety items covered.) While I work on those parts, I'll probably take the bike out around the neighborhood to work myself back into some kind of shape. (Another thing I discovered on the test rides is that while I still feel like I'm 25 mentally, my body is a bit rough around the edges at 35.)

I'm pretty pumped about this cycling thing and hope it works out well for me. I'm highly in favor of the environmental impact of switching from driving five miles to work each day to riding that. I also have those touring dreams I've posted about before and think I might be up for some weekend trips by next year.

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