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A week? Well, the prairie still grows.

Has it been that long since I updated? So it seems. So much of that time was taken up with sleep, I hardly noticed. Also, there is the general lack of anything unusual going on in my life to inspire an entry.

Today is different, though. Today was a good prairie garden day. My leadplant is starting its season of growth! Up to now it was just a few sad twigs near the little plastic stick marking where it had been planted. One could not even be 100% certain this little sprig of sad twigs was the leadplant and not some wayward sad twig that only seemed to be rooted there. (And one dare not tug it up to check because what if it is the leadplant and one uproots it!?) Today, however, thanks to the general warming and a weekend with more sun than predicted, it has actual foliage! Foliage I can identify with certainty as that of the same type as the plant I put into the ground there last year.

As if that wasn't enough, both of the plants of family liatris that I put in last year to the epicurean delight of the local rabbit population are showing early sprouts.

The only downside is that the butterfly weed I got from the Friends School sale this year seems to be failing to thrive. I can't figure out why, unless it's just feeling over-watered due to our frequent rains. We'll have to wait and see if it stages a come-back or if it, like the liatris, come back next year.

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