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Back in the swing

A busy week at work and I drop of the face of the web. Seemed every night last week there was a new emergency or just tons of work to do. They even tried calling me in this past holiday weekend because a big job was expected in from New York. (It never materialized, as it turns out.)

So now I work at getting back into my groove. Let the dog out, eat some breakfast, take my drugs, futz on the web for a bit, or read, or work on that ms. Then off to bed.

Tonight is Kieran's and I'm looking forward to the session. I'll have to trim my mustache so it doesn't get filled with Guinness foam. One of the things I've liked about having my iPod is having quite a few jigs and reels stored away to practice to. I'll have to see if I can put some of the things played tonight into slots in my head that match the tunes I have on the iPod.

Speaking of heads, watched an amazing program yesterday. It was on Discovery's Science Channel and was about the human brain. It was basically little episodes of true life stories involving how people's brains work. The first one blew me away. Seems this cute little girl developed seizures. When drugs couldn't control them, her parents brought her to a specialist who diagnosed it as some kind of syndrome. Basically, the right half of her cortex was firing randomly, making her left side useless. To solve this, they removed the right side of her brain!

Yep, cut right in and tossed that malfunctioning grey matter into the specimen jars. Let the space fill up with cerebrospinal fluid. The amazing part is that, apart from a little paralysis in her left arm, she's a normal, happy little girl. Makes sense, I suppose, given that we don't use much of our brain, but wow, what a dramatic demonstration.

Well, time for food and drugs. Play and sleep. Now that most TV is in re-runs I get to catch a lot of baseball and am looking forward to the Twins tonight.

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