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They call it "peak"

Once again, our managers at work seem to have over-planned for this little up-tick in our amount of work. People were scheduled to work over the weekend and, yet, when I called in on Sunday night to see if I'd be needed, I was told to stay home. We're working mandatory 10-hour shifts (which is no different to me, as I usually work four 10-hour shifts). Don't get me wrong, we have work, just not enough to justify this level of staffing. More often than not, I find myself waiting for something to do or waiting on someone to finish something so that I can do the next portion of it.

I've sent email to my manager to let her know that I'm feeling a bit lost down here, particularly when 6:00 a.m. rolls around and the folks from first shift start trickling in. At that point, anything that's due later in the day is given to them so that there's some consistency in personnel working on the job, which makes sense. Trouble is, I end up feeling like I'm looking like some kind of slouch because I'm not working on anything when others are working on what little work is available.

On top of that, add the morale-busting messages from our grand-boss about dress code and Internet usage and things are not particularly fun at work of late.

At least, now that the weather is warming up, my gardens are starting to perk up, so that'll give me something to focus on outside of work. Between gardening and baseball, my non-work/non-sleeping hours are nearly used up!

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