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A fairly accomplished weekend - Peter Hentges

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May 9th, 2005

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08:10 am - A fairly accomplished weekend
Got out to the MN-Stf meeting Saturday, thus being able to congratulate the reportedly-giddy laurel and kaustin and their engagement, have a little conversation, and do the basic relax with friends thing. Also got the plants I purchased on Friday into the ground Saturday morning, which made the lovely rain Saturday night quite welcome.

Sunday I got over to see 90_percent_sure. No pictures of beads were taken as she was in a manic-compulsive gardening and cleaning mode. So we discussed compost, placed rocks along the edge of the Secret Garden, toted stuff out of the house for her forthcoming garage sale/party, did some dishes, ordered out for Chinese and vacuumed the couch. I know. I was tired just watching all that stuff and she'd been a gardening mad-woman before I got there!

To make the weekend even more enjoyable, the Twins swept the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on the road, showing off great hitting and excellent pitching. They go into Baltimore next, which should be an interesting series as the Orioles are off to a very good start. Now if the Bitch Sox would just stop winning for a second!

The only things I haven't accomplished this weekend that really needed doing was mowing the lawn (not the above-mentioned rain, which also fell Sunday night or I'd be out mowing now) and putting in a rose bush that Ericka picked up earlier in the week. I'll probably get the latter in later today.
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