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Sleepy Sunday

So the thought that I'd get out and see the May Day parade and ceremony drifted away like the snowflakes that drifted on the wind this morning. I have now been awake for about two hours, having otherwise slept for most of the day. I think I was fighting off a bit of an illness, having a bit of a stuffy nose most of the day, which has now past.

Last night was a night of movies; one of Ericka's helpers brings us DVDs now and again and so I often end up watching them through the long hours of the evening. Apart from the really very silly Van Helsing (I lost track of the times I exclaimed, "Oh, come on!" during the film, I also watched Blade Trinity, which was OK, in that it delivered most of what one expects from a film in that franchise. Not quite enough of Wesley Snipes being a bad-ass and a bit too much "look at the crazy CGI camera stuff we can do," but not bad. I liked the vampiric pomeranian. The third film on the menu and the second watched was I, Robot which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. the only Asimov I could detect in it was the actual recitation of the three laws, but then, I had been prepared for that. So as a rampaging robots who-done-it, it was generally enjoyable.

Awake now, I'll probably watch a few more movies tonight. I've got some NetFlix DVDs I need to get to and send back.

Fred is still percolating on that story, or so it feels to me at the moment. I think the cold keeping me out of the garden is slowing the process a bit.

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