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What a game!

Just finished watching last night's Twins game thanks to the trusty TiVo. Early on it looked bad for the Twins. The Angels have some great hitters and they showed their stuff for the first four innings. Knocking around 10 hits off starter Silva, they were held to only four runs thanks to some timely defense. And the scrappy Nick Punto took the game over. Bunting for a single, he dove head-first into first to beat out the throw. A few pitches later he took off to steal second. I thought he was caught but the catcher's throw was a little low and skipped into center field allow Nick to gain third. He later came in to score on a ground out by Shannon Stewart to pull the twins within one.

It seemed the Angel's pitcher got flustered by all that activity because the following inning the Twins strung together three hits to get two more runs and the lead. They tacked two more on in the 8th and Joe "Automatic" Nathan came in for the save.

I'm doubly jealous of laurel as she was not only at the game, but it was DQ cap night! Still was fun to watch on TV, though and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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