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While the printer churns

It's oddly busy and calm the same time here at work. There are a lot of jobs in the shop, but most of them are in proofreading. My tasks so far this evening have amounted to doing a few edits and then churning out reams of paper so jobs can get one final quality check before being sent to customer service for delivery to the client. This leaves me with odd stretches of nothing to do but wait for the printer, despite there being a lot of jobs about. Weird.

Life has been zooming along of late, it seems. The weekend passed quickly and was relaxing at the same time. The gardens are growing, though more slowly now that the weather has cooled. I had planned to mow the lawn tomorrow (Wednesday) but I don't know if it'll be dry enough to do that. Perhaps it will be by the time I wake up.

Ericka's mom is reportedly doing better. The anti-biotics are doing well and there's talk now that she won't need the heart surgery to combat her endocarditis. That would be a good deal, given her age. It would also keep Ericka a lot calmer.

The fine folks at Saturn have done some kind of group ticket thing for Saints games next month. By visiting their web site, I can get four tickets to see a game just down the street at Midway Stadium. The current idea is to go see the Saints play the Schaumberg Flyers one of the available dates. (Ericka grew up near Schaumberg in Illinois. If I was picking based on team name, I'd go to see the Kansas City T-Bones.)

Well, printer's done, so it's back to work.

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