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No real word about Ericka's mom as yet. She's still in the hospital, has had a bunch of tests, including an MRI and an ultrasound of her liver, but nothing conclusive has been determined. It's estimated that she'll be there another three days. I figure that no bad news yet is a good sign and now that Ericka's brothers are calling her with updates as they happen, she's a much calmer bear.

Otherwise, not much is going on with me, life-wise. Went to the Twins game on my night off. Our favorite Cy Young award-winner, Johan Santana, had one rough inning and, therefore, didn't pick up a win for himself, but he had 10 strikeouts and the Twins won the game, so it ended well.

My prairie is starting its sprouting big-time. The Junegrass on the south prairie is doing very well and the heath aster there is just starting to peek up. The lupine there is also coming up nicely. No sign of the birdsfoot violet, but the prairie smoke is doing OK.

In the front prairie, the columbine and bergamot are up and the prairie dropseed and little bluestem are starting their growth. The prairie smoke there is also doing well, as is the cupplant. We'll see how much of the forbs survive the bunnies this year.

In my planting in front of my living room window, the daffodils are still blooming well. I think I'm seeing some new plants (growing from multiplying bulbs as opposed to the original ones). The irises (both that I transplanted and that I left in place) are also doing great. I've got some sedum and some daylilies in there as well, also coming up nicely. The weeds aren't encroaching too quickly, so I'm able to keep them at bay with a little weeding when I get home in the mornings.

I found a new community, mourning_souls, for photos of graveyards. Contributed my Chennai graveyard pics already and will post others from Ericka's uncle's funeral soon. I'm going to poke around and see if there's a similar community for prairies. I think having a native plant photo community would be interesting so I'll start one if one doesn't already exist.

And that's about the size of it. Time for me to get back to work.

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