Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Family ties tango

Ericka's mom is in the hospital; it sounds like she's got some kind of infection that they are culturing in order to discover the correct antibiotic to give her. She went in last night and Ericka found out about it about two hours ago. She's been on the phone every since, talking to her brothers and letting other people know.

She got to talk to her mom briefly and it sounds like she has some sort of brain disconnect (Ericka uses a word that sounds like aphasia) that lets her understand what people are saying and she knows what she wants to say but she can't say it.

Throw into this mix of miscommunication a variety of tensions between the brothers, Ericka and her mom and it's a big stew of bubbling stress. There are times I'm really glad that my family doesn't talk about things, you know?

So I'm going in to work late, if at all, in order to see if I can get Ericka on an even keel and maybe even get some sleep tonight.

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