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Closer to a decision

Well, I dug into the specs on the Apple site and compared the iBook I'd like to get vs. the TiBook I'd like to get. Added in the AirPort bits I'd need to get connected wirelessly at home. If I get the TiBook, I'd end up with 30 GB more hard drive space, about 50% more RAM and a G4/800 MHz processor (vs. a G3/600 Mhz) for about $1,700 more.

Overall, that seems like not a bad deal. I could cut the difference more by dropping the RAM (rationalizing that I could add more later). That would make about a $300 shift, so more drive and better processor for $1,400 more.

Still, I'm kinda nervous about dropping about $4,000 on a laptop (and various bits). So I haven't decided to place the order on-line or run off to the Apple store at the Mall of America tomorrow just yet.

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