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The lazy days of spring

Yeah, right.

On my day off, Wednesday, I had to pop in to work for a meeting that was kind of a round-up of how my trip to India went. We also discussed how things could work better for the India team from the U.S. end; what the U.S. team could do to make things easier for the India team.

Of course, said meeting was in the middle of my sleep period, so I was basically wasted for the day. I did manage to be moderately sociable to Stephen and Margaret and their two children after returning from the meeting. They were visiting from Seattle, in town for a family wedding and various things. Was good to see them and to get to meet the newest addition to their family.

Then there was the sleeping. All of Wednesday night and a good chunk of Thursday morning. This put the damper on any attempt to get my taxes done by the last minute. I'll be filing for an extension this year for the first time.

Plus there's garden stuff to do. Got a chunk of irises transplanted but have more of those to do. Have to keep an eye on the quack grass, lest it infiltrate the burgeoning prairies. Also working on getting an area smothered for a rain garden. And I owe the neighborhood gardening coordinator some work on the community garden web sites.

MN-Stf on Saturday, no fewer than two other parties to attend that day. The Walker is having its grand re-opening this weekend. I need to get my bike in shape for riding to work (especially with gas prices as outrageous as they are).

It's only April and I already feel three months behind.

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