Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Big plans in the making

As some of my friends know, I'm planning to do some major remodeling of my home this summer. I joked with my Dad at New Year's about planning to go another $150k in debt this year. Well, the first contractor's estimate was right about there.

To make the house more livable for Ericka, we're making our current garage into a master suite with handicapped accessible bathroom. Then a utility room and new garage get added in the current driveway. The whole first floor is made one level (instead of the odd step down to the back door we have now) and the lot grade is raised to meet it. The current kitchen and dining room get flip-flopped to make them more usable and some other minor floor-plan changes are in store for the first floor.

I'm excited and scared about the whole thing.

In the mail today came information about the local Neighborhood Revitalization Program. These are zero or low interest loans for owner-occupied homes in the neighborhood with fairly loose income restrictions. I dug through the web site of the place administering them and found info on state-level programs as well. Now to see which, if any, I qualify for and can get to start building the prospect of financing the whole deal.

It'll be interesting for a while....
Tags: finances, remodel

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