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Silly sleep schedule

Blame it on the long flight home from India. Blame it on the time change. Blame it on the start of baseball. Blame it on working in the garden this morning.

No matter what's to blame, I am not asleep and have not been pretty much all day. Argh.

I did get last-year's growth trimmed off the prairies this morning and then raked the straw-like remains and assorted leaves off of the garden. The theory, as I understand it, is that the prairie plants are generally early growers, so taking off all the old growth allows the soil to warm more quickly, giving them a head start on other competitors.

My Junegrass is already greening on the south prairie, the prairie smoke is looking good in the front prairie. I'm going to have to keep an eye on the heath aster on the south prairie this year. It ran a little wild last year and I've since found out that it's classified as "aggressive." Good for keeping the crab grass at bay, I suppose, but I don't want it taking over the whole site. I should transplant some more grasses into its midst to provide it with competition while I try to keep it trimmed back.

The good thing about all this wakefulness is that I've been thinking about my writing some more. I have about three half-baked ideas for stories of various lengths and formats.

One idea would be to take the troupe-style roleplaying of Ars Magica and play it out in a LiveJournal community. I gather that there are some rpg communities on LJ, so I may go poking about to have a look. That idea leads me into thinking about telling stories about wizards whose live to be 150-200 and the homes they share with other wizards that have existences that span centuries.

I've also thought on and off about roleplaying in the misty time of legend that precedes the setting of Ars Magica. And that gets me thinking about stories in a world where magic is as real and vital to life as the air we breathe.

And then there's the horror idea that keeps circling the shadowy corners of my brain. It's still formless and based only on the question, "What if the universe exists for the completely opposite purpose of making us happy?" That is, if I take my general philosophy of how things work and turn it on its head, what are the consequences?

I expect work will be a trial tonight. I'll likely catch a nap here before too long, but I doubt it will be enough to keep me going all night. Have to come up with alternative strategies. I'm thinking a big bag of milk chocolate M&Ms is in order....

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