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Long night ahead

Working tonight, one Saturday about every other month appears to be the norm at the new job. Unlike the last weekend I worked, filling in for a co-worker who was getting married, there is nothing to do. Half a dozen quick jobs when I got here but those are all completed now. I'm left with another six and a half hours to fill and the prospect of maybe 30 minutes of actual work during that time.

I've got tunes, thanks to the iPod. I brought cards if any of the other five folks here feel like a game. (I think pot-limit Omaha for M&Ms would be fun. Have to work out denominations for the colors one of these days.) I'll probably spend most of the time surfing the web, maybe playing a little solitaire.

I do have things to research on the web. I'm looking at buying a bike to commute with and maybe take trips with. (I have this wild fantasy of biking out to visit my aunt and uncle in Olympia, camping along the way.) I'm also planning on buying a laptop one of these days pretty quick. (Rumor has it new iBooks are on the way and I'm torn between the ultra-portability of the iBooks and the sexy TiBooks.)

Updates on these activities, strange findings during tangents and random thoughts likely to spring up here periodically.

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