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First sign that one is travelling to India very soon

Took my first dose of Malarone (anti-malaria drug) today.

All the clothes fit in my main bag except the big, light-colored cotton hoodie thing that I take everywhere I travel ever since that first big trip to Spain 11 years ago. It provides warmth when that's needed or acts as sun-block (long, light and loose, as my Boy Scout training says) when it's warm. that will go in the day pack that attaches to my main bag and serve as padding for the various toiletries.

Also needing to be packed: ties and belt, this laptop, anti-fungal powder (I'm susceptible to athlete's foot and figure there'll be cool, new fungi in India that'll want to party between my toes), anti-diarrhea medication (just in case).

Then a shower and shave tonight and packing the shaving stuff for the trip.

And Philip and Laura give me a ride to the airport in the morning.


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