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Long valley and TV

Well, a day's worth of valley, anyway. After our peak, things are slow again, or maybe just seem so in relation to the amount of work we were doing over the last week. We've had all of three jobs all night. Mind you, they were all rush jobs so we were scrambling a bit until they got under control. Once we were ahead of the proofreaders, however, it was just a matter of time before we got where we are now. Nothing for me to do so I'm updating my journal.

I watched the Tivoed episodes of this week's Buffy and Angel tonight before work. I liked both episodes. I'm not sure where the Angel folks are going with Cordy's demon powers but I think what has shown up so far suits her well. Ericka and I both spotted the ending before they got there but I liked the twist of Holtz's death in conjunction with other events. In Buffy, there were a few things that seemed to get glossed over (a quick comment about police being back rather than showing them there or doing interviews) but I very much liked Willow's "Bored now," reminiscent of the vamp Willow from seasons before. I'm also interested to see what becomes of Spike when he returns. Ericka is ticked that Amber Benson only got her name in the opening credits the episode she died; I agree, in that other side characters (like Spike and Anya) showed up there. I was also intrigued that there were still the Willow/Tara images in the opening credits; given this show's history of bringing back those dead or lost, I'll wait to see what happens.

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