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And so it begins

I've gathered most of the clothing that I'm thinking I'll take to India. Two blazers, two honest-to-goodness dress shirts, two pairs of dress slacks, four ties. That'll be the bulk of my work-wear. I'll fill it out with the two button-down "adventure travel" shirts I bought a bit ago, a pair of similarly intended trousers I got at REI today (for $1.91, after dividend), figuring that these will also be able to do double-duty as "street" clothes. Add on a pair of jeans, some polo shirts, some casual t-shirt type shirts and a week's worth of socks and underwear and I think I'll be ready for most anything. If work is far more formal than I expect, I anticipate being able to get additional clothes for cheap in India. (The $1.91 trousers are made in India!)

Into my checked luggage will also go my dress shoes, my knife, main toiletries and shaving stuff. My electronics (laptop and camera) and their associated cords will be in the backpack I use as a carry-on. Also in there will be two of the goody bags that minnehaha put together for me.

Now for a nap before the actual packing starts.

Our friends Philip and Laura got here a few hours ago and are already marvelous! It will be very comforting knowing they are here.

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