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Uncle Skip

We received word Thursday morning that Ericka's Uncle Skip passed away suddenly on Wednesday night.

Skip was the one member of Ericka's family that was always accepting of me. More than that, he was actively welcoming and interested in me as someone that was part of Ericka's life. He was a big influence on Ericka's life and she misses him terribly. She was in serious denial yesterday and, having accepted his death, is a more down today as it all sinks in.

We'll be heading down to the funeral and such this weekend. It's across the Illinois border from Davenport, Iowa in a town called Lyndon.

I always like funerals in my family as they inevitably mean seeing relatives from a ways off that I haven't in a while. We tend to be the "tell stories about the deceased" sort of folks and that always leads to hilarity. Seems a bit odd for a funeral, I know, but they turn into some of the best parties in my family. Hopefully I'll rub off on Ericka's family a bit and the whole ordeal will be tolerable.

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