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A lovely weekend

Well, since last I updated, things have been busy. Two full days of work. In a row! That was weird after having been off sick for a week and a half. The good news is that I am feeling much better and will remain gainfully employed. The bad news is that missing a week and a half of work will make finances tight at just a time that I'd like to have a bit more breathing room in preparation for the trip to India.

Still, our busy season at work is nearly upon us, so there should be some overtime in the offing. Now that I think about it, starting the first week of March, I'll be required to put in a 8-hour shift on the Wednesday that I normally have off. So that'll be 16 hours of overtime right before I leave. I'll keep an ear open otherwise as we frequently need folks to stay late or come in over a weekend to help out with busy bursts of works. It'll be OK, just a little tight for a couple of weeks.

The pool party on Saturday was fun. I took many photos with the new camera. The best of the result are here:

Stayed there seriously late and helped clean up. minnehaha K was a wonder with keeping stuff organized and working. Lots of folks pitched in to help out as well. We do good like that when we're at our best.

Sunday was mellow with catching up on some sleep and caring for the still-ill erickavan. Was nice to have a low-key day after we'd received a socking of snow on Saturday. A lovely stay in and watch TV kind of day it was.

I need to do some grocery shopping today and catch a shower before going in to work. I'd better get to it, I suppose.

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