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Playing with the new toy

So took the new camera through its paces today. It happens that on Wednesdays we have the dogs of friends of ours over for a sort of puppy play-date sort of things. So I pictures of them as way of testing. I was using the 16 MB card that came with the camera, so in order to store more than one photo at a time, I used a somewhat compressed file format on the camera. I then pulled the photos into iPhoto on my iBook and did a little touch-up of them. Exporting from iPhoto did some nasty JPEG things to a few of these, so bear with me as I'm learning the best way to handle all of this with the tools at hand.

This first is a picture of Darwin, our friends' lab/shepherd mix. He seems worried about something.
Worried Darwin

Next is Lucy, their neurotic Sheltie.

Here's a shot of Brandy, our Australian mix.

Here, Darwin is keeping an eye on things.
Watchful Darwin

Vegas, our cat, checks out the latest on CatTV. (The outside, it's like TV for cats. Notice her reflection in these shots, I thought that was kinda neat.)
Vegas watching TV
Ohh, this is getting good.
Vegas watching good TV

That's a Golden Retriver/Poodle mix.

One tuckered pup.
Tuckered pup

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