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I'm not dead yet

The pseudoepinephrine (generic Sudafed) is starting to have some effect. My sinus aren't as full now and my nose, rather than being stuffed, is running. I guess I'll put off that meth project for a little while longer.

Got out and had lunch with elisem today. The hot sake and wakame soba in hot broth were just the thing. I felt human for a good 20 minutes after that, which greatly helped in the getting of the Elise out to her doctor's clinic so that she could have her cough looked at. Then it was back home and a few hours of sleep. Awake now, which will help with the making of dinner and such, but is not the ideal state if I'm going to attempt work tonight. Another dose of Sudafed will be coming up before too long, so we'll see how I'm feeling after that.

This is just ridiculous.

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