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Bleah, with company

Still feeling ... bleah. You know, I'd much rather this thing be a big-ol' bacterial infection, with hot and cold running technicolor snot, a fever of 108, periodic vomiting and the occasional twitching in the legs. That would make a much better story. As it is, I can just tell that I'm not right ... what fever there is comes and goes and is fairly low-grade. (I crashed on the couch last night and woke up a couple of hours later all clammy.)

In the way of these miserable things, Ericka now appears to have it too. I was thinking I'd go to work last night, but she was pretty miserable so I thought it best to keep an eye on her. Good thing, as I ended up sleeping most of the night.

I've started Flonase, which I got prescribed the last time I had this sort of thing. It seems to have frightened the stuffiness out of my nose. It's now running for its life down the back of my throat, making that raw, but at least I can breath most of the time.

I feel like just writing off the week. We'll see what I (and Ericka) feel like when it comes time to make the decision before work tonight. For now, I think some soup is in order.

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