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Rockin' out

Today, the iPod I ordered from (and the associated $80 worth of CDs) arrived by UPS. This has transformed my work experience mightily as the hours are now flying by in a blissful musical stream. I've only burned about 1.5 Gig worth of MP3s to load onto the little guy (which can hold 5), but that still gives me a 3.5 hour playlist of peppy, keep-me-awake tunes (and then some)!

This will be particularly useful tonight as, unlike yesterday, I got little sleep today. What with some sort of ruckus waking me up and playing with my new toy, I only got in about 4 hours of sleep and then a short 1-hour nap in front of the Giants/Mets game. (Got to see Barry Bonds hit by a pitch, but that's about all I remember.)

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