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iTunes meme

I was infected by minnehahaK.

How many total songs?
1,327 (three days and change, 5.17 GB. I am clearly a piker.)

Sort by song title - first and last?
(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican -- Ian Rhett (first in the listing)
$100 Groom -- Paul Westerberg -- Folker (first by title if you count punctuation)
2 Days Til Tomorrow -- Paul Westerberg -- Mono (first by title if you count numerals)
A Boy Named Sue -- Johnny Cash -- 16 Biggest Hits: Johnny Cash (first "a" song)

Yuppies In The Sky -- Tom Paxton -- Live From Mountain Stage

Sort by time - first and last?
A Week In Hawaii -- 1:00:01 (this is an atmospheric recording of a rain shower)
Alice's Restaurant -- 18:37 (longest actual song)

Intro -- 0:15 (from Add It Up, the Violent Femmes' "best of" CD, includes the immortal lyrics:
The Violent Femmes...
They bring all their equipment on the bus.
And you can't fuck with the Violent Femmes.
You can not fuck with this band!

Sort by Album - first and last?
3 Solid Blows to the Head -- Adam Stemple (first if you count numerals)
A Drop of the Creature -- Wyld Nept (first "a" album)

Zen Garden -- Konkin Gumi (last of the albums, though the songs without albums sort below this)

Top five played songs?
Angels Walk -- Paul Westerberg -- Eventually
Fugitive Kind -- Paul Westerberg -- Suicaine Gratifaction
I'll Fly Away -- Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch -- O Brother, Where Art Thou? (soundtrack)
Bittersweet -- Hoodoo Gurus -- Ampology
Health to the Company -- Gallowglass -- All Our Best

Find 'sex', how many songs show up? 0

Find 'death', how many songs show up? 4
Death-defying -- Hoodoo Gurus -- Ampology
Country Death Song -- Violent Femmes -- Add It Up
The Death of Harry Simms -- Pete Seeger -- The Essential Pete Seeger
O Death -- Ralph Stanley -- O Brother, Where Art Thou? (soundtrack)

Find 'love', how many songs show up? 30
Some of my favorites include "Love Is The Law," by the Suburbs, "I'd Love To Kiss The Bangles," by the Saw Doctors, "Love Untold," by Paul Westerberg and "I Hate/I Love," by Toshi Reagon.

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