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It's all true!

The V Meme, with surprisingly accurate results. I could see all of these actually happening.

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Cooks you breakfast in bedlsanderson
Sends you 3 dozen long-stem rosesmarkiv1111
Gets your name tattooed on their buttenvoy
Puts an ad in the paper, asking you for a datepegkerr
Stalks your LJ and leaves anonymous "indiscreet" repliescomrademodra
Knits you a sweater...with their own hairjonsinger
Delivers a naked singing telegramelisem
Declares their undying love loudly and oftenerickavan
Quiz created by Larinzia at BlogQuiz.Net
More Fun Quizzes at Blog Quiz!

Well, OK pegkerr's married and jonsinger would probably use mostly beard-hair in that sweater ... but otherwise, these could all totally happen!

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