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The bed works!

Got home after yesterday's very good meeting and made the bed on the new frame. Then zipped down to Jeff's to give Willow her meds. While Willow seemed sort of down Monday (missing Jeff, I bet), she seemed more animated today, perhaps having realized that this strange guy who was showing up was actually there to give her food. So she got her meds, got her food and got to wander around in her yard. She seemed to like that the moderate temps had allowed the piles of snow to melt, giving her access to corners of the territory that she hadn't been able to get to for a few days. I hung out with her for a couple of hours, napping on the couch while she either sat on the floor or wandered about. It looked like Swinger, the cat, was thinking that a human napping on the couch might be an appropriate place for a cat to lounge, but he didn't quite make up his mind on that before it was time for me leave.

In the morning (well, later this morning for those of you on day-regulated schedules), I have to take Ericka's van down to Savage to have it worked on to correct some minor inconveniences with its lift. Since I cannot be both in Savage and south Minneapolis at the same time (darned bi-location is on the fritz again), I called Jeff's fiance to let her know and she allowed as to how she'd find someone to drop in on Willow in the morning. So I'll spend a few hours napping in the customer lounge of the van place instead of on Jeff's couch.

After dealing with Willow this morning, I returned home and went to bed. (At the rather late hour of noon.) I crashed hard, not hearing Ericka return from clinic, the vacuuming that her helper did, the dog barking at the arriving mail, or any other number of distractions. I finally awoke at about 6:00 p.m. with the feeling that the new bed frame had fulfilled its purpose.

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