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Rawk! (with cookies!)

So I was loitering around the expediters' desks this morning when my manager came by and said to me and my fellow loiterers, "You three! Go to the Minnetonka conference room!"

We were a bit confused, but wandered in that general direction. It had all the feeling of a mandatory company meeting. That usually spells bad news for us worker bees. Layoffs, reorganization, mandatory overtime, policy change. The list of possible horrors is nearly endless.

When we got to the conference room, however, there were boxes of cookies! Many kinds of cookies!

So this was a good meeting! Heck, it could still be about layoffs; but any meeting with cookies is a good meeting.

Well, more people filed in and took seats. Cookies were passed around. Our grandboss asked if there were any guesses about what the meeting was about. No one volunteered much because, hey, we really had no idea.

So she read us a number to dial into the speakerphone in the center of the table. It took us to a recorded message from (I think) our CFO (or someone similar). He reported that our fiscal year just completed and that we'd had a record year. He went on to say that management recognized that this was due to the hard work that all of us had put in (!) and that, therefore, this extra financial goodness was going to be paid back to us as a cash bonus!!

So everyone hired before November of last year is getting, roughly, the equivalent of one week of pay from the company. They handed out checks with a little note from our CEO and COO thanking us for our hard work. Mine amounted to a shade over $300.

(The recording ended with an admonishen to get our "heads down" and keep up the hard work to make a record year next year. Ah, they can't let us have too much fun.)

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