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Hail the conquering hero!

This morning I zipped off to south Minneapolis in order to care for Willow, the dog of a friend who's out east on family business. I'll be doing that all week, which means I'll be in the general neighborhood at 10:00 a.m. every morning. Give a shout if you want to get together for breakfast or something this week.

After that, I figured that, since I was halfway there, I would zip down to Ikea.

I successfully tracked down, killed and ate ... I mean shopped for, purchased and assembled a king-size bed frame. We've had a king-size mattress and box spring for a couple of years now but have been making due with or old queen-size platform frame. which means the mattress hung off the edges a bit, limiting access to the under-bed storage built into the platform.

So I picked up the Malm bed. I like its clean lines and the oak veneer that it came in. I wish it was solid wood rather than veneer over composite and particle board, but it does look nice. The metal supports seem to give it a good sturdiness, so it should work out well.

In installing it, I discovered that, because the walls of my house are under-insulated, that the room's corner was host to lively mildew colony. That got scrubbed up with bleach and water and then wiped down with Lysol for good measure. I have the ceiling fan in the room running now in hopes that it will help dry things out before I push the bed up against the wall again.

We do need to figure out what we're going to do with the stuff that was stored under the bed, as there really isn't room for that any more. Still, most of that wasn't in frequent use, so we'll likely be able to purge a bit of it.

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