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The universe, it's a balancing act

Ericka was off at lymphedema clinic this morning. I'll have to get her to write more about the actual process, seeing as she's the one that endures it. But that's her story.

Mine begins with the phone ringing. We've recently invested in one of those phone systems that have a single base station and a number of little charging stands for handsets that you can add on as you need. So now all of our phones are the same and one of their features is specific rings for different sets of numbers. When I woke up to the relatively cheerful doodle-i-do-ti-do! of the phone announcing that someone we have in the phonebook it stores is calling, I drug myself out of bed to answer.

It was Ericka, on her way back from clinic and having problem with her wheelchair. No power was getting to its joystick control and so she was stuck, half-way into the van that was carting her back and unable to move. Well, I talked the driver through releasing the tension on her chair's drive belts and getting her manually pushed into the van so that she could at least get home. I figured once she was here we could figure out how to get her inside.

So I put on some shoes and get my coat and notice that out in the driveway is a white van. It's from the company that handles the maintenance on Ericka's wheelchairs. They have arrived to deliver the new chair that she's expecting today.

"How serendipitous!" I thought. (Well, I thought, "How .... er .... damn, what's that word I want?" actually. I'd just woken up remember.) I go out and invite the guy delivering the new chair inside so that we don't have to stand out in the cold. A few minutes later, the van with Ericka pulls up. We get her out of the van and transferred to the new chair. The new chair isn't quite set up for her yet, but it does, at least, give her a place to sit while the other chair is checked out. It's determined fairly quickly that the old chair's controller has gone kaput. Thankfully, though, we have this spiffy new chair with a spiffy new controller right there. A quick swap and Ericka is on her way inside.

There's some complications about who's going to pay for fixing the old chair's controller and like that, but I was pleased that what looked like it would be a major hassle was balanced out by the arrival of the new chair. Now, at least, Ericka will be able to get to her clinic in the morning.

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