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I find myself having commented on many people's journals this evening and, thus, lacking much to say here. If this rambles, you've been warned.

I find myself in another abortion discussion over on conservatism. I really must look at what it is about this issue that gets me writing. The last few times I've basically told the person I've been discussing with to STFU. Not in so many words, most often. Usually, I'm discussing with young men who are very stridantly anti-abortion. I end up asking why they haven't adopted a child yet and when they admit that they aren't married, or can't afford it, or are waiting for a child of their own, I point out that these are many of the same reasons that women have abortions. If they aren't willing to make the changes adding a child to their lives entails themselves, they have no business suggesting that others do so.

The latest fellow had the nerve to bring Mother Teresa into the discussion. Now, yes, Mother Teresa was adamantly anti-abortion. She also ran a shelter where unwanted children were matched with parents willing to adopt them. She spoke of convincing a woman to not have an abortion by loving that woman until it hurt; giving her all you could and then some. I can respect that kind of application of conviction. I can disagree with her fundamental position and respect the way she acted on her beliefs. There is so little of that in today's world. It's probably why so many think her a saint.

I've been doing most of the activism in line with my beliefs on line. I write emails for Amnesty International. I send letters to the editor in response to calls from various organizations. I do not give much in the way of direct cash and I don't volunteer any of my time on a regular basis. Comparing myself to Mother Teresa, I feel a bit inadequate. But, as she said, while we might think that what we do is a drop in the ocean, the ocean would be less if it did not contain that drop. So I keep on doing what I can, where I can, when I can, making my small contribution to the whole. Every little piece done feels good to do.

In other news, I've been watching the PBS special on Auschwitz. I'm currently mulling over a SF/Horror story in which some group (alien invaders? the cult of some evil god?) begins the process of genocide against everyday Americans. Or maybe humans as a whole. The process by which the Nazi state moved slowly and inexorably from a brutal prison camp to a factory of death fascinates and appalls me. That this type of crime against humanity continues today is something I find incredible. I don't know that fiction is something that will help with that, but it is something that I feel a desire to do.

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