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Why you rock, markiv1111

First off there's the music. You are an excellent song-writer, often charming me and others with a well-turned lyrical phrase. Your songs run the gamut from silly to heart-wrenching and all of them (that I've heard) succeed in expressing the emotion at their heart. You write the words about yourself to sing in the third person. Your skills on guitar are legendary; I never tire of watching you play a lead or a solo as I try to figure out just how you make the guitar do that. I've seen you be a patient and informative teacher at the drop of a hat and you always seem to be willing to help someone improve their skills. You are complementary when it's deserved and provide helpful critique when it's needed.

You're a very helpful friend. As I slogged through the snow on my way to work this evening, I was thinking of composing this entry and thought, "I bet if I got stuck that Nate would come help dig me out." You have helped many people move their households (including me). You answer questions honestly and with tact. You also know how to accept help when it's offered and needed and that makes people feel like you care about them; that they are in your thoughts.

I very much enjoy reading your writing. I don't remember your fiction all that well, but it was in the Liavek collections which I enjoyed tremendously. As I read your LiveJournal or apa entries, I can hear your voice and cadence in speaking come through them. Sometimes I can even hear your gestures.

So those, my friend, are a few of the ways you rock.

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