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4:00 already?

A busy bit of morning here at work and I'm already over half-way through. I love how time speeds along when I'm concentrating on drudge tasks. This typesetting isn't difficult or complicated, it's just precise. So the work isn't a challenge (unless seeing how fast you can type is challenging) but when there's enough of it to do and my attention isn't pulled away, it can keep me going for hours.

I'd rather be engrossed in the novel I started last week, or in the new Le Guin book I have yet to crack, or the new cookbook by the host of Good Eats or even in the manuscript I need to edit. But I also need to pay the bills so here I sit for 8 hours a day (and more during our peaks so 10 and 12 hour shifts for me next week.

The six months I'm required to be here before I can move around the company are up next month. So after next week's peak, I should sit down with my boss and have a talk.

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