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A dream

Just awoke from a dream that I'm a bit confused about.

I am playing chess with my brother. You must understand that my brother is a very good chess player. Ranked in the U.S. system, used to play in tournaments; always kicks my butt. He's in trouble, though, and I have put his king in check with my queen. He makes a move to interpose his queen. I look at this wondering, as I often do in chess, what I shall do next. How to press the attack? Then I notice that his move has not, actually removed him from check! I point this out and he seems to act as if I caught him in a bluff, embarrassed and flustered. He makes another move that relieves the check. I look about the board a bit more and move a pawn. He moves a pawn in response. I notice that I have his queen pinned with a bishop but that with my queen's position being what it is, no retaliation will now come if I take his queen, so I do so. He curses mildly and makes a move. I take a rook; his defense is collapsing now as he's down to a rook and a smattering of pawns to defend himself against my queen, bishop and pawns. He sees this and resigns.

Wish fulfillment? A Gordian Knot sort of suggestion to look differently at a problem? Random firing of neurons? An admonishment against taking a watchful eye off figures of authority?

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