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A fairly productive night

Finally a night off that wasn't wholly consumed with sleep! Not that I didn't get some sleep in; I missed watching a movie that started at 3:00 a.m. I did, however, get a few things done.

Went over to see Jeff, whose father is quite ill, in order to get keys and instructions for helping to take care of Willow, his dog if he should have to leave town suddenly. Willow is showing some gray around her muzzle, but otherwise seems to be her perky self, which is good to see. So I'll pop over there in the mornings after work to give her the meds she needs, let her out, play with her and the like while Jeff needs to be out of town.

Played a little poker online last night as well. Made $50 overall. I think my vaccinations kicked up a little immune reaction and threw me off my game or I'd be much better off than that. Got me thinking: I wonder if this would be a relatively lucrative side-activity instead of just a fun and sometimes profitable hobby? If I could make $100/day on a regular basis, I'd be pretty close to taking care of my bills. I worry about the natural fluctuations that happen in poker, however. I could easily go for days or weeks without making a dime. For now, it will remain a hobby, I think.

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