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The long, uncomfortable night

The worst of the side-effects of my inoculations seems to have passed for the moment. I've been getting along at work pretty well with just the ache in my shoulders all night. I'm getting pretty hungry, though, so it's a good thing I'll be off in another hour or so and able to get myself a nice big breakfast. I'm thinking eggs, for sure. Toast. Juice. I don't have any bacon or sausage in the house; perhaps I should run up to the grocery and pick some up on the way home. It's not too far out of the way and I don't imagine they'll be too busy early in the morning. Could get an onion that way and stock up on jelly. Of course, that means I'll have to cook, which will delay the eating. Maybe I should just run into Dinkytown to grab some food at Al's Breakfast. More spendy but without the waiting, working and clean-up.

No, I think going to the grocery will be both more frugal and more virtuous. In way of compensation to myself, however, I'll see if I can take off early from work. An extra hour for the procurement of supplies and cooking without cutting into sleeping time would be most welcome.

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