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Had my appointment at the travel clinic to get my immunizations for my trip to India. It went about as well as expected. I'm now all immunized for the stuff they recommend being immunized for. These include hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, influenza, tetanus and diphtheria. Five shots, two in the right arm, three in the left. I figure I'll be sore tonight. If I was staying longer or doing work with animals, I'd be getting my rabies shots, too.In addition to the shots, I'll be getting pills to take for malaria starting the day before I leave and continuing for a week after I return and antibiotics to take along in case of travelers' diarrhea. I also got 48 pages of scary printout taking about the various diseases one can contract and full of warnings to not drink or even brush your teeth with the water, not eat salads or anything from a street vendor.

I am, overall, not too worried about things. The immunizations and malaria medication make sense to me and I will, of course, avoid the local tap water and street vendors for most things. I'm not going to miss out on local cuisine by being over-cautious, however. I figure a bout of severe diarrhea I can deal with, if that's the worst of it.

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