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2004 in review

Concatenate the first sentence of the first post to your journal in each month of 2004. This, in some strange way, is a review of the past year. There is safety in the herd.

2004 got off to a smooth start for me. Just woke from a post-dinner nap. I did many of the things I planned for the weekend. I thought that tonight was the night that I was go take the guys from our India team out to dinner on one of their last nights here. We have been swamped at work all week. Working a job tonight that is flabbergasting in its ugliness. Oddly, it seems that whenever we have one of these "peak" weeks/months, I get more bored at work than I do otherwise. In a series of bizarre events, the helpers who work for Ericka and who also are able to drive are all no longer working for her. Not much to do at work tonight. Just had a look at; the latest polls have Kerry leading by 298 electoral votes to 231. I ended up staying home from work last night and did get in some much-needed sleep.

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