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Source party

I swapped my nights off this week so that I'd be able to attend the annual party The Source Comics and Games throws for employees and friends. I fall into the latter category and it was very nice of Bob to invite me. I've been disconnected from that group of friends for nearly three years now. The third shift schedule plays hell with my social activities.

It was good to see many of my friends and gratifying to have so many of them be glad to see me. Heard much good news, including that our one friend who is very kind-hearted (Ericka calls him "that nice Mr. Violence") and also border-line autistic and his wife are expecting; we hardly believe he found someone to marry and now he's reproducing! Amazing. Got a copy of Gloom, a new game from Atlas Games. It looks intriguing and has a nifty mechanic of being printed on clear plastic cards. As the cards stack, the modifiers shown on them affect play. Haven't read through it yet but am intrigued. Also amazed that it sells for $20 retail. They had it printed in India and just received it when it was expected to be here in time for Halloween. So cheap and good but not fast, following the rule.

A good time was had and it left me longing to connect with these folks again. I feel so out of some discussions that I used to be such a part of. All my gaming stories are growing cobwebs. I'm starting to sound like that guy that used to do stuff. It's one thing to tell the old stories when you're actively making new ones, but it feels hollow to tell them when no new ones are in the offing.

I came home and slept deeply. Now I'm awake and relaxed, watching the cat cavort around the house and planning my day. I will be working tonight so I should get some more sleep this afternoon, but have the morning to accomplish some things. Laundry is on that list, as is showering, shaving and getting passport photos. Also is depositing a check of Christmas money from the parents and picking up prescriptions for Ericka.

I also would like to get out to Ikea to pick up Ericka's Christmas present and to National Camera to look at digital cameras and camcorders.

I also need a haircut.

For now, however, I'll toss in a load of laundry and grab a shower. Stores don't open for another few hours.

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