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First weekend

Well, the weekend went off without too much of a hitch. Didn't get to as much party as I expected I might. Things got off to a late start on Dec. 31 with the party at the home of friends within stumbling distance of my house so I ended up staying there until the wee hours of the morning. Missed out on the mnstf New Year's party and a friend's birthday party, so that was a whole slew of social contacts I missed. On the up-side, I did get to see the new DVD of Hero I got for Christmas before hitting the party, so that was nice.

I had two parties to attend on on Saturday, Jan. 1. I intended to start out at lsanderson's Hair of the Dog party and meander over to the home of another friend for music later in the evening. Our weather brought us ever-colder temps and precipitation throughout the day, though. So that meant rain, then freezing rain, then sleet and then snow. About the worst combination you can get for road conditions. The rain melts any existing snow, then freezes as the freezing rain coats everything in a nice layer of ice. The sleet act as little ball-bearings and the snow hides the dangerous-looking ice. So I skipped the sliding about and stayed home.

Sunday was a day of rest, quite literally. I slept most of the day, my brief sojourns into consciousness being focused on food, whether for me or another in the house.

All this fun and rest means that I am, again, behind on laundry. If I was a resolution kind of guy, I'd work on developing better routines for some mundane realities of life that currently don't fit well into my life: laundry, bathing/shaving, brushing my teeth, stuff like that. They are the kind of thing that just always seem awkward to do no matter when I do them. I blame the third shift schedule to a degree; I generally like showering before I go to bed, for example, but doing so in the morning means working around Ericka's schedule and that of her helpers. So then I'm showering when I get up, but that's right before I would be making dinner and making dinner in my bathrobe doesn't appeal, so then it gets pushed off until after dinner. I'm typically in a digestive coma after eating, though, so then I try to get in a shower before work but I have eight different things to get done before heading to work (including getter medications for Ericka and letting the dog out) so if I'm a little late waking up, the timing gets too tight. Add in biking to work in the warm months and it's even tighter.

Well, it'll work somehow. It always does.

In other news, I made my first appointment for the necessary vaccinations for my India trip. On the schedule this week: get passport photos taken and ship that off for renewal.

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